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The Groton Inn

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Moison ACE Hardware

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Scott Blumsack

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NOA Gallery

Since 2002, NOA Gallery has given New England artists a venue to show and sell their work. The Groton, MA gallery has been the driving force behind public art projects including murals and sculpture and, for many years, a local Art Walk, as well as art education. Exciting new collaborations with The Groton Inn and … Continue reading NOA Gallery

Megan Doehring Coaching

I am a lifestyle transformation coach, which means I help my clients change the way they eat, balance their nutrition, work on mindset shifts dealing with health, drink more water, and move more. I am a guide and accountability partner, and each client is looked at individually to best optimize the program.  I meet them … Continue reading Megan Doehring Coaching

Pepperell Business Association

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New England Stairlifts

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Third Space Kitchen & Events

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Murphy Insurance Agency

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Tricia Upton Interiors

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