Marigold is a retail studio space at the Prescott Community Center in Groton, is an embodiment of everything Sharon.  Why Marigold? What it means to be someone’s marigold is to be someone who protects, helps others thrive and encourages growth, similar to marigolds in the garden.  This is central to Sharon’s approach to fashion as well.

Meet Sharon Chandler Correnty

Sharon Chandler Correnty is an interdisciplinary artist/maker living in Pepperell, MA.  Sharon has spent her life learning multiple art techniques that she incorporates into her current daily practice as a fiber/textile artist.

Family and tradition are what is at the core of Sharon’s art.  With deep family roots in the town of Harvard and surrounding area, honoring her family tradition is her north star. Sharon’s mother, Gloria, was a natural at clothing design and apparel construction. One favorite memory is of Easter Sundays when the Chandler girls would be the talk of the church as parishioners would wait with bated breath to see what beautiful matching ensemble Gloria made for her girls.

To understand Sharon’s passion, you need not look any further than her quote in the Bromfield 1975 high school yearbook.

Marigold’s Inspiration

Marigold fashion is designed to be stylish.  In my lifetime I’ve been a size 0 to a size 3x – and I’m sensitive about this issue of size.  I create clothing that is inclusive and made with fabrics that are comfortable to wear and care for.  As part of my process, the fabric is washed 3 times, this means that my clothing can be washed in the same way that you wash the rest of your clothes. I work very hard to be a ‘marigold’ for my customers.  It’s about the art of the drape that celebrates the body.  It’s the ‘wonderment’ and ‘awe’ of Marigold.

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