Vision and Goals

Our Vision for Business and Economic Development

The Groton Business Association’s (GBA) role in business and Economic  Development is manyfold.  We want to help new and existing businesses understand how to work with the Town, to expand or change services.  We want to enable businesses by providing a platform for networking and business education.  We want to encourage local shopping, including the many farms in Groton that produce a variety of products.  We want to be vigilant in identifying potential disruptors of our beloved town’s culture, charm, and assets.  Growth is inevitable.  We want to help our elected officials define and shape our community. 

A GBA Sub-Committee, the Community Outreach Committee, is charged with establishing channels for businesses and the community to connect with GBA, generating commerce and making it easier for businesses to grow and flourish in Groton.

Goals of the Groton Business Association

The GBA is a group of storefront businesses, farmers/agricultural business owners, corporations, home-based businesses, professionals, and organizations working together to foster ties between Groton businesses and residents.

The primary goal of the GBA is to foster business and agricultural growth that enhances both the cultural and economic qualities of life in the Town of Groton.  The GBA plays an active role in defining and developing Groton, expanding the tax base, and creating local jobs.

The GBA is dedicated to promoting economic progress for its members and advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Groton.

Additional GBA initiatives include:

  • Generate more business for members.
  • Encourage residents, organizations, and businesses to shop in Groton.
  • Reach out to the community through community service.
  • Help Groton prosper by advocating for businesses, thereby promoting positive retail and agricultural business growth.

Increase Membership

Increasing membership facilitates the reach of our message to more businesses and farms as well as provides citizens with a better understanding of what various businesses do.

GBA is committed to increasing its membership and communicating with businesses in Groton to explain what GBA is, and how GBA can enable them to be more successful.

Charitable Giving

Business groups often provide a sound base for charitable giving.  GBA Fundraising implements business development programs directly for its members.  GBA may also give annually to local student scholarships, grants, or donations to various entrepreneurial business initiatives.

For this purpose, GBA’s Director of Giving is responsible for developing and maintaining a sub-committee whose primary focus is the organization’s charitable contributions, how they will benefit the Groton community, and how they will be delivered, monetarily or otherwise.