Groton Business Association

In the fall of 2010, a group of Groton business people formed the Groton Board of Trade to build a network of businesses, farms, and business-minded individuals within the town.

Now known as the Groton Business Association (GBA), we encourage all business owners, even in surrounding towns, to become part of this organization to energize the local economy.


The GBA is a group of storefront businesses, farmers/agricultural business owners, corporations, home-based businesses, individuals, and organizations that want to work together to foster the relationship between local businesses and Groton residents.

GrotonFest Family of Events

GBA collaborates with the Town of Groton, our Sponsors, the local Artisan community, the Prescott Community Center, The Groton Inn, and Destination Groton to produce the “GrotonFest Family of Events” –  three Major “Heart & Soul” Annual Groton Events;  GrotonFest Fall, GrotonFest Winter, and GrotonFest Spring (into Summer!)

Destination Groton

GBA conceived the idea and initiative behind what is now “Destination Groton,” and the newly established town-appointed committee, the “Destination Groton Committee.”

In the fall of 2020, GBA formed a six-person Working Group to study and create a 100+ page report focusing on the arrival of the Groton Hill Music Center in the fall of 2022.  The Workin Group studied Groton Hill’s inherent contribution to the growth of the Town of Groton.  GBA’s report concludes that Groton will continue to inherently expand the many facets of the community that have made it a “Destination Community”, a place where people come from other places to enjoy the town’s culture, history, art, and natural resources.  How we engage as a community of Stakeholders (Town Residents, Business Community, and Town Leaders) over the coming years will determine whether we get out in front of it, or sit back and wait to react to it.

The Report is designed to be a resource for the Town as it faces the opportunities and challenges the future holds. 

GBA is responsible for the report’s contents, findings, and conclusions.


The primary goal of the GBA is to foster business and agricultural growth that enhances both the cultural and economic qualities of life in the Town of Groton.  The GBA plays an active role in developing Groton, expanding the tax base, and creating local jobs.

The GBA is dedicated to promoting economic progress for its members and advocating for a positive business environment within the Town of Groton.

What’s in it for you?

There are many benefits of membership:

  • Increased Business – One of the principles upon which the GBA is founded is the idea that people do business with others that they know and trust.  “Networking” is a very valuable and effective way of doing business in a small-town environment.
  • Online Town of Groton Business Listing visibility – The Town of Groton’s website, serves as a direct portal to the GBA website,
  • Strength in Numbers – When issues arise that could affect the Groton business and farming community (e.g., changes in the sign by-law), being part of a group gives you a stronger voice.
  • Common Cause – As a group, Groton businesses and farms can identify opportunities for one-time or recurring events that benefit the residents and businesses (e.g., Shop Groton Local).
  • Business Advocacy – The GBA is used as a means of advocating for businesses in general or for a specific business before Town boards, and often Town Meetings.
  • Community Service – The GBA does many positive things in the community (see GBA programs below).  As a member, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the equity that the GBA builds with Groton residents.  It is considerably more effective to serve the community as part of a group than it is to do so individually.  Over time, giving back to the community is not only good karma, it is good business.

When & Where?

If you are interested in joining GBA, please attend one of our monthly meetings and be our guest!

GBA meetings are usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, from September to June (on hiatus for July & August).  The Annual Kickoff Meeting is held in September!  Meetings are held at local establishments and start at 5:00pm for dinner.  They are usually catered by the host establishment or a local professional caterer.  The meeting agenda will vary but it will always be informative.  GBA Meeting and Event dates and times can be found on the GBA Calendar.

For GBA Members, meals are always complimentary.  For Prospective Members, your first visit will be complimentary.  For Non-Members, meals are $30 at the door.

Organizational Structure

The Executive Committee of the GBA is made up of six persons/responsibilities:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Clerk
  • Director of Marketing & Events
  • Director of Giving

The Board of Directors is made up of the Executive Committee, and up to seven other GBA members.  The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors serve voluntarily, without term limits.  The administrative year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

The GBA has two Sub-Committees:

  • Community Outreach Committee – This committee is chartered to increase GBA’s reach and positive effect in the Groton Community.
  • Giving Committee – This committee is chartered with determining and awarding annual local student scholarships, grants, or donations to various entrepreneurial business initiatives.

GBA Programs

  • Information for New and Changing Businesses – The Groton Business Association is working with the Land Use Department in Town Hall to develop one or more documents intended to help businesses understand the permitting process in town.  These documents, once complete, will be helpful for both businesses considering starting up in Town as well as businesses considering changing certain characteristics.